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Incandescent Beacon Bracket, Ice Shield, JJET-66202, FCT-66202, JJET
(B26) Universal Flat Bar Bracket (Pair)
FAA L-810 Marker Mounting Bracket, JJET-06203, FCT-06203, JJET
Save $0.75
(CA1) RF Antenna Adapter JJET-06161
Save $2.99
CBL10 25' Coaxial Cable
Save $3
(CBL7) 3' Factory Coaxial Cable JJET-06160
Save $1.51
(CBL8) 9 Coaxial Panel Adapter JJET-05193
Save $5
(CS1) LED L-864 Beacon Monitor Relay  FCT-05107, FB120AL, JJET FAA Aviation
(CS10) L-864 Beacon Monitor Module, 48VDC, FCT-05121, JJET FAA Aviation Obstruction Lighting
(CS12) Beacon Monitor Relay SCR490DCS12 Alarm Relay, SCR490D, FAA, JJET
Save $4.75
(CS4) LED Beacon Marker Monitor Module 240VAC
Save $5.45
(CS7) Incandescent L-864 Beacon Monitor Relay FCT-05106, FB120A, JJET FAA Aviation Lighting
(CTR26) 48VDC L-864 Beacon Controller with GPS LEDCRDR0100401RPC
Save $2.12
(F6) Fuse 630ma, DP-1019, FUS-A630-000, Hughey & Phillips, JJET
(FL8) Flasher, Slave, Solid State, FCT-05120, FA155-2
Relay, Mode, Dialight, JJET-05127, FCT-05127, JJET FAA
Save $2.75
Relay, Fail / Delay, Dialight, JJET-05115, FCT-05115, JJET FAA
Save $2.49
Relay, Power Fail, Dialight, JJET-05114, FCT-05114, JJET FAA
Save $3.75
Power Fail Relay, 230V FCT-05118, JJET FAA
Save $2.45
(K34) Power Fail Relay, 48VDC, FCT-05194
(K35) Relay FCT-05410, JJET FAA Aviation Obstruction Lighting
Clear Lens, Dialight, D4642005, JJET Aviation Obstruction Lighting

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